Sterling silver jewellery naturally tarnishes and can discolour over time. We've created the below care guide to help you keep your jewellery in the best condition.

 Sterling Silver Jewellery Care GuideDon't wear your sterling silver piece to the swimming pool or to the beach.
You can wear your jewellery in water, but don't expose it to shampoo, soap, moisturiser and other chemical substances as they can wear away the plating and tarnish your jewellery.
Limit the exposure to moisture, sunlight and oxygen. Keep your piece in a dry place and on a soft surface like in a jewellery box.
sterling silver jewellery care guide Spray your perfume, make-up and hairspray away from your jewellery as harsh chemicals cause discolouration and slowly remove gold plating.
sterling silver polishing cloth Clean your Hemera & Nyc piece with our silver polishing cloth. If your piece is gold plated or includes pearls, it is best to clean your piece with a soft cloth and warm water. Be careful not to rub it too vigosously or too much as it can rub the plating off over time.
Our polishing clothes are perfect for all our jewellery including sterling silver and gold plated pieces.